Why Small Businesses Need to Host Live Events

Why Small Businesses Need to Host Live Events

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In this world of fast moving data and instant everything, there is one key element that remains from the beginning of time – connection.  Funny, how in a time with video conference calls and text messaging, people still want to have a connection with the people they are doing business with.  The need to be a part of a larger cause or organization is still a must.  These are 6 key reasons why small businesses need to host live events.

  1. Message – While the message you shared across the internet will help you build your tribe or following, that same message shared at a live event is amplified a thousand times louder by the people who attended your event. Based on the quality of their experience, attendees will share your message with the people in their circle of influence that may have never heard of you.
  1. Connection – People love to do business with people they know, like and trust. Attending a live event allows you to build this connection faster because they are at the event with you. Over the course of the event, the connection established online is nurtured and grows.
  1. Credibility – Hosting a live workshop, positions you as an authority on your subject matter and positions your brand in the marketplace.
  1. Collaboration – The opportunity to collaborate with others in related fields is amazing. Utilizing the opportunity to leverage your combined experience will allow you all to perform your best, while sharing the workload to produce the event.  Everyone participating in the event will promote it to their tribe / following.  Through the promotion of the event, you will gain exposure to their tribe / following as they will to yours.  Exposure to new audiences is essential to a growing business.
  1. Product Generation – Live events offer a great opportunity to develop digital products. These products can be sold directly to attendees afterwards, or to anyone unable to attend the actual event. The session recordings can be sold individually, or as a set. These new digital products can be made available online, or burned to a DVD.
    • Important Note – Hire a quality editor to clean up and prepare the recordings for sale after your event. This will be money well-spent.
  1. Revenue – Live events offer several revenue generating opportunities. Here are the top three:
    • Ticket sales – Revenue can be generated from the ticket sales.
    • Live Streaming – Offering live streaming to those unable to physically attend your event gives them an opportunity to be part of it, even from a distance.
    • Product Sales – During your event is a great opportunity to sell other products in your inventory. As people build their connection with you during an event, they will want more of you.

About the author:

Christal Carter is founder of Evolution Business Alliance an IT, Training and Business Support Company.  Her background is a mix of IT, Training and Business Consulting.  Christal has work with clients DEA, Kaiser Permanente, BellSouth (now Cellular One), Georgia Motor Vehicle Administration, Northern Virginia Community College and North Carolina A&T.

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