What Does the Working Day Look Like Around the World?

What Does the Working Day Look Like Around the World?

The working day varies dramatically around the world depending on local industry and culture, and that includes office etiquette, working hours, commutes and meetings.

We spend a large part of our lives at work, so the folks over at Whitefields Document Storage have done a bit of research to find out what that looks like in various different countries. How do our fellow workers in China, America, Italy and India spend their days?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the working day in each country closely reflects that country’s culture. As such, in China, hierarchy is highly respected and where people are seated in the office depends on seniority. Business practices are built on traditional Confucian roots.

In Japan, it’s all about respecting your co-workers. As such, overtime is expected and calling in sick is deemed disrespectful. Many Japanese workers sleep at the office.

In America, it’s hectic and results driven, with many American workers (80%!) not taking a regular lunch break, and milestones and successes being highly celebrated. Many Americans in each industry deal with sleep deprivation and are overwhelmed and stressed out by the competitive and fast-paced work culture.

However in the more relaxed culture of Italy, workers enjoy a morning espresso at a coffee bar, lunch often includes wine, and workers log off promptly at 6pm.

Also not surprisingly, tea and coffee are big parts of the working day in all these countries. While in India, China and Japan, tea is favoured, coffee is the drink of choice in Mexico, the USA, France and Italy. In the UK, both are very popular, although we’re known as a nation of tea drinkers!

Take a look at the infographic to find out more…

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