Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

In this video I reveal the top 5 WordPress plugins you should be using on all of your affiliate sites and blogs. I also reveal 2 killer Amazon affiliate programs you should use on your Amazon sites.

So what are the best WordPress plugins you should be using as an affiliate marketer?


Here are the ones:

All in One SEO – I use this plugin on EVERY single one of my affiliate blogs the moment I create them. This plugin will dramatically increase your search engine traffic, so it makes sense to install it right away.

JetPack by WordPress – This is a plugin that I wish was around years ago when I first started affiliate marketing. This plugin suite comes complete with traffic generation tools, traffic analytics, backup and security tools, and more. This is a highly recommended plugin.

Amazon Link – this plugin allows you to embed a slue of different Amazon advertising tools into your blogs. This is just one of those tools that can help you increase your Amazon affiliate commissions from day one, so I install this on all my affiliate blogs.

Easy Affiliate Links – one of biggest headaches of managing a bunch of affiliate blogs is managing affiliate links. This tool will help you manage your links so that you can easily modify them from one convenient place.

Amazon Link Engine – This tool will help you localize your amazon affiliate links based on the website visitors geographic location. This can help you increase your Amazon sales 10-15% just by enabling it. I highly recommend this plugin.

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Jalal Cherrouki says:

thanks you are the best

Terre Alexander says:

I hate that your seo is so on point, I cant Dodge your ugly face while keeping up to speed on my research.

thilini maduwanthi says:

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Technofast says:

how i can show product price comaprison from different sites. like amazone, shopclues

chrysanthus eras says:

Hello Dan ,please tell me; are this plugins good,woozone and shopexpress?
This people are screening pple over and not sure what to do.their videos could be nice adding multiple product in minutes and saves u time,unlike manually adding products

Best Music says:

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stupid question…… my first day being affiliate just getting started but can you be affiliate off of free wordpress sight and do plug ins work off of free sight also do you have a video of how you set up your sights i am at a total loss here also how do you put links for places besides amazon such as target or walmart or nike

River Ratz Fishing says:

Dan, Can't tell you how big of a help you are. I'm trying to set up my plugins right now, but it looks like the All in One SEO pack isn't available anymore. What are you using now? Thanks!

Sujevan Segaram says:

Hey Dan. I tried to purchase your Deadbeat Super Affiliate package, but since I can't find the option to pay by Palpal, I ended up not completing the purchase. If you can show me where to make payment by Paypal, please do let me know. Thanks. PS: I'd prefer to use Paypal as payment method.

Mommy Be Workin says:

Have you covered Amazon affiliate plugins? I'm looking for a channel or site that list all the pros and cons.

Mohsin Ashraf says:

speak louder next time..

DHTV - Dan says:

As always great tips!

Dominique Dredden says:

I tried all of them and none would work. Can you advise something else for an affiliate banner and link on WP

lm108108 says:

Is Amazon Link a paid plugin? I was able to find Amazon Link Engine and all the others exxcept that one.

james ziegler says:

how much and were's the best place to buyAffiliate Marketing plugin?

steve omegas says:

thanks for the valuable video. great work but heres a kicker… do you know of any plugins that will auto scope niche resource pages and create backlinks?

Shrutesh Godambe says:

Hey I'Ve Learnt alot from your videos Thank you !! Merry Christmas
I just wanted to know about an facebook woocommerce Plugin where my where I will post my product on website and it will directly get uploaded on my facebook page

Alain Grenier says:

Why you prefer all in one seo over yoast?

Junior Falaniko says:

can you do this if your in college

Hat Tricks says:

My video is moving up in the ranks, and my website is being social bookmarked now its just a link building and waiting game now :). If you ever need a testimonial for you courses I got you man.

Jimmy Kim says:

Dear Dan – you work too hard! 🙂

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