The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing in 2018

The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing in 2018

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In this video I go over the truth about affiliate marketing in 2018. Most people have the concept backwards and don’t understand how to create an affiliate marketing blueprint. In this video I reveal how my mind works when it comes to making real money with my affiliate marketing strategy.

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Bradley Riley - Business, SMMA & More says:

Nice video Omid!

Bodybuilding Fanatic says:

Would u recommend andwhatare your thoughts on test easily beta as a tracking software (recommended by another YouTube chNnel Mr opulent) which acts both as a tracking and testing software?

Ly Tieu Sa says:

Hey Omid, thank you so much for all the values from this awesome video! You have helped a lot of people! Best wish to your successful! Always take care 🙂

Andrew Chen says:

Love the content!!!!

The Solution says:

Hey Omid, is the $1000 budget for swiping a lander or creating one of your own? I have the ability to copy completely everything of an affiliate's lander (Location device…). What budget would you recommend for that? Thanks!

Team Forte says:

Keep it up! Let’s grow in 2018!

Justin Chong says:

Great video! How long did it take you to hit your first profitable campaign? And how much did you lose up to that point? Thanks.

Antons Jerjomins says:

Very Informative and Inspiring. Thumbs UP

Abdellatif Setti says:

Thanks a lot Omid

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