The Habitual Hustler: Daily Habits of 50 Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

The Habitual Hustler: Daily Habits of 50 Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Featuring the daily routines of authors like Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Cal Newport, and Nathan Barry, bloggers like Leo Babauta, Derek Sivers, James Clear, and Penelope Trunk, podcasters like John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Andrew Warner, and Jaime Tardy, and nomads like Benny Lewis, Tynan, Sebastian Marshall, Nomadic Matt, and Jodi Ettenberg, The Habitual Hustler is the only comprehensive portrait of a modern entrepreneurial day from beginning to end.

I began writing after losing my job and my girlfriend in the same week. Suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands thatI wanted to use my days constructively, but I found myself wasting time. Without obligations, it’s all too easy to slack off.

The Internet was little help. It’s full of self-employed entrepreneurs telling you how to live like them: which habits to develop, how to hack the system, the proper way to design a lifestyle. But nobody shared what their daily routines look like after their lifestyle was designed. I wondered “What does a productive and happy day look like in an absence of structure?”

So I went and asked them. I selected 50 self-employed entrepreneurs with public bodies of work dealing with entrepreneurship and self-development, and asked them what their days look like. I asked authors about the first thing they do when they wake up. I asked bloggers how they structure their workspace to minimize distractions. I asked nomads which tools and software they can’t live without. And I asked everyone what the single habit they’d most recommend to an aspiring hustler was.

The result is The Habitual Hustler. It is both a sketch of self-employment and a map of a successful day lived on one’s own terms. It is both an inspiration for those of us without the same freedom, and a poignant remainder that things still need to get done even when you don’t have a boss. None of these entrepreneurs have shared their routines in entirety until now, and you won’t find these daily portraits anywhere else.

If you can’t be productive without structure, struggle with effective habits, or just want to get more out of your day, The Habitual Hustler is for you!

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