The 10 Instagram Stats You Need to Consider before Planning Your 2018 Strategy

The 10 Instagram Stats You Need to Consider before Planning Your 2018 Strategy

The growth of Instagram is really amazing. Out of the numbers and according to the weather, what does a teenager (whether a boy or a girl, does not matter) answer when you ask him if he uses Facebook? Without margin of error, the answer is NO. And let’s be honest, some who are no longer teenagers, every day that goes by they use it a lot less.

Many people have started to migrate from platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to Instagram. And brands know it. There is a huge potential there going around. Therefore, your strategy in Social Media for 2018 can not be left behind in terms of the trends of one of the most visual networks of the moment.

In this article, I collect the 10 most valuable Instagram statistics to think of a successful strategy. Follow me!

# 1: Instagram’s user base doubled in two years.

If you had any doubts regarding the growth and validity of this network, this statistic will completely tear it down. Although the world of Social Media is dynamic and changing, nothing seems to indicate that Instagram stops growing.

According to data published by Tech Crunch, Instagram doubled its user base in just two years. Do you know how long it took to add 100 million more users? Only four months.

Globally, today it has 700 million monthly active users.


# 2: During 2017, 70.7% of companies in the United States were using Instagram

Depending on the growth rate of Instagram, that percentage will increase every day. In fact, in 2016 the percentage of businesses that used the platform was 48.8%. Perhaps this also has to do with the launch of the Instagram profile for companies in May 2016.

Other important data:

  • More than one million brands advertise on the platform
  • There are currently 8 million business profiles on Instagram. Small businesses are the majority in terms of advertising and business profiles.

This means that competition increases. With it, it also increases the need to differentiate and deliver a solid story so that people can feel identified with the brand.

# 3: 70% of Instagram Hashtags have been created by brands

This statistic confirms what we have been saying. There is a saturation of marks. So much so that brands are the ones that have created 7 out of 10 labels or “hashtags”. Generating its own hashtags, the brands organize the conversations that take place around them.

In addition, it is proven that a publication that includes at least one hashtag has 12.6% more participation than that which does not include any. In 2018, keep in mind these statistics to create campaigns with specific hashtags of your brand, achieve a high level of commitment and make a good follow-up of the results of your campaigns.

# 4: 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business or company profile

This statistic is very revealing. Specifically, it is showing that people are more open to connecting with brands. But this trend, with this intensity in interactions, only occurs on Instagram. Let’s look at some more numbers, provided by the same app:

  • 60% of users say they know a product or service thanks to Instagram
  • As of March 2017, more than 120 million users interacted with a brand: they sent a message or email, they called, they visited the website, among other possible actions.
  • At least 30% of users bought a product they saw for the first time on Instagram

# 5: Publications with “location” reach 79% more participation

79% more interaction is a lot of difference. That’s why, every time you post something on Instagram, you use the geotagging feature. The more interaction, the greater the number of followers for your account. And you can also add location to your “Stories”!

# 6: More than 250 million active users use Instagram Stories daily

Since we are referring to the “Stories” feature of Instagram, it is important to keep this statistic in mind. It is a function that only has more than one year of life and is already being used by more than 250 million active users per day. Following their success, brands already have ads available in Instagram stories.

If you are managing social networks, this number helps you to know that in 2018 you can not stay out of the trend of the “Stories” to keep adding followers and potential customers.

# 7: A bad one, 70% of Instagram’s publications are not being seen

It is a very high number of unseen publications. The obligatory question should be: Why are most posts on Instagram not seen? And the reason is quite simple: there is a huge amount of brands and people circulating. Today the battle takes place around the contents.

In the case of brand management, it is necessary to generate attractive content (very attractive), consistent with the brand and consistent.

Specialist recommendations: add location, tag appropriate accounts, include appropriate hashtags and establish a publication schedule.

# 8: Good! 65% of the publications with the best performance on the platform are products.

Bad news always carries a good one. It is true, 70% of the publications are not seen. But of those that are seen, 65% are products. That is to say, if you are managing a brand on Instagram, you have a better chance that the images of your products will perform well.

Of course, this does not mean that you only have to publish photographs of your products until you get tired. No. Try to vary those images with others that talk about the functionalities of your products, their reason for being, the environment of use, and so on. All this through an integrative and attractive visual aesthetic.

# 9: In instagram, photos generate 36% more interaction than videos

On Instagram, the opposite of what happens on Facebook is happening: videos have a lower level of “engagement” than images. On Facebook, the amount of video that appears in the feed is impressive. And this is so because on Facebook the audiovisual is working more than the static image.

Although the format you use has a lot to do with the brand, it is best to use both formats in a balanced way.

# 10: The content generated by the user has a conversion rate 4.5% higher

There is nothing more reliable than seeing another person satisfied with a product or service. The content generated by the user (although not directly referential to the product or service), increases the level of general commitment on the part of the audience, reduces the cost per click (CPC) of an advertisement and has a higher conversion rate.

Perfect! We already have 10 very specific Instagram statistics that will help you plan the strategy you are going to implement by 2018.

What do you think of these numbers? Do they match your Instagram experience? How do you think this platform will continue to evolve? We invite you to share your opinions!

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