Sure Hire Made Easy: Making Moves Proven to Win the Job

Sure Hire Made Easy: Making Moves Proven to Win the Job

Imagine holding a carefully crafted, seven-part plan to help navigate and successfully complete your job search. One used -and proven effective- by people seeking all types of employment. Part hands-on guide, part virtual “job-search coach,” Sure Hire Made Easy is a step-by-step roadmap for success at securing a meaningful job. And, it can be used by just about everyone: Job Seekers & Changers; Career Counselors; Placement Coordinators; Job-Search Trainers; HR & Employment Professionals; Personnel Consultants; Executive Recruiters; Business Managers.

Through activities described and illustrated in the text, follow Mary Emerson, a fictional job seeker, as she navigates seven sure-hire steps to a successful conclusion. Observe ways to meet and impress employers who routinely screen unprepared job seekers.

Four features distinguish Sure Hire Made Easy from other job-searching guides: multifaceted Presentation of Content. Subject matter is presented in ‘bite-sized’ segments, illustrations, and text summaries. Carefully crafted to be free of inflated and unsubstantiated claims, superfluous information, theory, and opinion, Readers may navigate, read, comprehend, and apply material rapidly, and thus, achieve real-world results in a timely fashion! The Gopp, Inc.™ model. A carefully designed format, arranged in sections and marked clearly with tabs, provides readers a roadmap which, with a quick scan, enables them to grasp firmly and keep focused upon the essential components of the job search. Illustrations. Easy-to-follow examples of self-directed activities demonstrate how readers may advance their progress in an orderly and timely fashion.

All thirty-five activities depicted in SHME may be performed under the control of the job seeker, including writing a self description, notating basic and essential information, scripting and initiating telephone conversations, crafting a skills presentation, etc. Assurance. “Motivation,” the energy or force which propels job seekers, remains a critical part of successful job searching. Even the most-talented individuals occasionally find motivation in short supply.

Book users may contact the author and Career Advancers’ professional affiliates to help assure they achieve their objective.

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