Some Want to Pretend I Was Always Self Employed Re: My Vermont 15 an Hour Minimum Wage Comments

Some Want to Pretend I Was Always Self Employed Re: My Vermont 15 an Hour Minimum Wage Comments

So far out in left field they toppled off a cliff.

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A Dude says:

The sad thing is that too many of these people on the Left who make that claim… have never actually had to endure extreme poverty. Or even poverty to the level I've had to endure – my health has never recovered from having to take a 44hr/wk (with 16hrs of overtime) Overnight shift and work that for almost 2 years to pay the bills – and even then, not being able to pay all the bills. They haven't had literally not see the sun for 6 days a week in the winter because you wake up after it goes down and go to bed before it rises. They haven't had to live on $0.49 ramen and dollar store bread because all the healthy food is going to your child. Where you're hand-washing your clothes in the shower with dollar store shampoo because it's cheaper than going to a Laundromat. Etc.

So many of these people think that having to couch-surf because they don't have the motivation to find their own apartments for the summer is "poverty", where they have to chip in $5 for a communal pizza because no one knows how to cook is "deprivation" and the like. Argh. IQ's of 175 – still dumber than a bag full of hammers.

TargetToad 9/99/99 says:

Abolish the minimum wage

hosmerhomeboy says:

people don't get that you aren't actually supposed to live off a minimum wage job. They're kind of something for young kids to afford a new bike and for oldsters with nothing better to do. Also it's a good starting point to build a resume. Better than education if you're not smart/rich enough for STEM. At least with entry level jobs you make money while gaining future employability, as opposed to school where it costs you money and there's no real guarantee that you'll be employable anyway.

Eron55555 says:

We did it here in Ontario Canada, lost 60,000 part time jobs as a result. Look around, many examples of this.

My Name is S H A Y N E says:

Washington is doing the $15/hr min thing. It's stupid. Costs are rising faster than wages. Property is insane. Rent is too damn high. Anyone who's upwardly mobile is constantly being chased by poverty — it makes people want to stop even trying because your promotion is just going to get gobbled up by the next State-mandated wage hike.

Xenoace32 says:

I started working at 13 & retired at 42 and believe me people hate me for it. Styx you do not have to justify your employment to anyone you do what you have to do. Keep up the good work!

Local Fixx says:

Great comments, Styx. When people use the white privilege or privileged background attack, it's because they are intellectually bankrupt about a topic. They are also trying to justify their personal lack of progress. It's a lot easier than working harder or moving to a better place, etc.

The real criminality about the minimum wage hike is that most of the Democrats in the US Congress know exactly what will happen. There is nothing that new about people. Machiavelli and Gibbon write about liberality and paying for the support of the people, and how the people are lulled into inactivity if alternatives require enough uncertainty and effort.

Kimberly Glunz says:

I really appreciated your saying that there was no job which would pay your debt off so you creatively found a way to self-employ. I'm 62 and have years of debt and it's become a moral imperative to finish my "Evelyn Nesbit's Tea Room" drama. Your comment helped motivate. Thanks.

Zergle Jerk says:

Come to Texas. Move to a rural town. Buy horses and lots of guns.

Your only issue will be finding good internetz.

Chubb Bubb says:

Ohio's minimum wage is just over 8 bucks an hour. At that baseline anyone making 13-14 dollars an hour can get by ok. Provided you're not trying to live in the nicer parts of metros or immediate vicinity. The cost of living is pretty low vs average wages. A huge jump in the minimum wage would screw everyone not making 90k a year. The people working minimum wage jobs who are lucky enough to keep their job are going to be in roughly the same position because of the price increases. The people making more than the minimum wage would see their buying power drop significantly. Keeping in mind that these are people who often work physically demanding jobs. When you bust your butt all day and people screw with your paycheck you get agitated a lot faster and someone working at a cushy service desk or office job.

yopandas says:

I work for Wal-Mart and I was making 10.50 an hour as a cashier. They raised the minimum to 11 dollars recently, but significantly cut down hours.

P. Bommy says:

I also grew up poor in a shitty hood full of junkies so that white privilege shit aggravates me.

Chubb Bubb says:

I had to work for my fuckin spoon. Lmfao.

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