Rental House Business: How to Start a Rental Property Business: House Rental Business

Rental House Business: How to Start a Rental Property Business: House Rental Business

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-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- If you are a landlord, then this video is for you. I’m sharing 7 tips for your rental property management.

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I’ve read real estate investing books and now I don’t know where to start?
I recommend completing Steph’s Davis Quick Flip Ninja program to get started. She walks you through the process step-by-step and also provides the contracts you need to get started. The price she charges can’t be beat. You can get it here

Once I find a deal how do I find cash buyers?
Visit your local Real Estate Investing Association. You can usually find cash buyers at the meetings. You can find your local REIA here

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How do you find real estate leads?
I mostly cold call property owners, mail postcards and generate leads through my website.
Resources I Use:
Cash Buyer Ninja:
Carrot Websites:
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Good information

tayanabrn1 says:

This info is so informative, but I do agree it was hard to bypass the smacking. I will check out more of your videos and subscribe because you're very knowledgeable. I am in no way trying to offend you. I hope this is received well.

Terry Gardner says:


Magestic live says:

I want to catch a landlord to sell or rent his/her property but I dont know how to do that

Charlito Mani says:

Excellent information. Was going back and forth with having a property manager.

Kassidy Tucker says:

Thanks for this video! Very informative

Eskia1 says:

Unprofessional and unbearable to watch with the smacking.

Naim Singleton says:

You have great information but your smacking is VERY distracting. I would suggest you do an update video, which could include more information. Also if your out of breath try to edit and have a bottle of water beside you. Again great information!!!

Clarissa Rankin says:

The smacking and your hair and your face was a big description but you had great information in the video was very positive and informative. Thanks so much

Tori B. says:

I can't handle the teeth sucking😕 I heard you though.

Lacy George says:

Great information. Keep winning!!

Fred Pallanti says:

Good tips, especially about not waiving late fee. I would also add to never accept partial rent payments. This basically lets the tenant set the rent price. She is very pretty, but the hair flipping is also a little distracting.

My Phone is Blue Color says:

Why is she crrying ?

ryan g says:

Awesome content. Thank you for sharing. How often should you inspect the property?? Peace and blessings to you!!

Alchemist power the happy vegan! says:

At what point do you stop raising the rent after 10 years? and whats the highest you'd go to?

Syed Rafiq says:

Very good info, many thanks.

John Bon says:

smacking is too hard, nothing against a slapper thou

Robbi Jone says:

I would have listened but that unprofessional mouth noise draw me away. 101 public speeching will help no disrespect toward you.

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