Long-Time Friends Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno Launch Company That Creates Vacation Magic in a Cube

Long-Time Friends Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno Launch Company That Creates Vacation Magic in a Cube
Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno

Vacations can be magical, that perfect time with your favorite people, far away from the hassles of everyday life. That’s until you find yourself rummaging through your suitcase searching frantically for that one thing that you just can’t find, and you’re so stressed out you might as well be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway.

It was one of those moments that sparked long-time friends Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno to start mumi, a company creating innovative packing cubes and other travel items, so everything has its proper – and easy to find – place.

“We remember a trip we made with friends. All moms and their kids. We arrived to our destination and WE had packing cubes (other brand then) and within the first 15 minutes our kids were in their bathing suits AND swimming, as our friends took most of the time unpacking and looking for their children’s suits,” recalls mumi Co-Founder Mekler. “As their kids cried and our friends ran out of patience they looked at us asking: HOW DO YOU DO IT?”

It was then the duo decided to design a line of packing cubes with families in mind. The leap from frustrated travelers to budding entrepreneurs was a natural one for the women who describe themselves as “friends, mothers, entrepreneurs, mini-van owners :), multi tasker’s & happy seekers.”

Mekler and Moreno say they had always been organization aficionados. That need for organization became even more important after they became moms and added carpooling, grocery runs, afterschool activities and an endless list of other chores to their already busy lives.

“We each come from completely different careers and professional paths, but what prepared us to do this is our experiences as Moms,” said Mekler. “Traveling with children heightened the need for organization, being able to find what the kids needed when they needed it was a priority.”

In 2004, they launched mumi to deliver an efficient and practical way to organize. The line features a number of fun, functional packing products including packing cubes, a garment folder, shoe bags and cosmetic bag.

“We hope that with the products in our line, people can experience the liberating feeling of being well organized. Reducing the time they spend unpacking, and enjoying more of their travels,” said Mekler. “It really is all about the UNPACKING where all the difference is. It doesn’t matter what kind of luggage you have, you still have the need to unpack and find your sanity wherever you go… That’s where the packing cubes come in! Unpacking is a breeze!”

mumi’s packing cubes are crafted with breathable mesh tops so people can easily see what’s packed inside. They come in a variety of sizes for toiletries, shoes, shirts, cords, jewelry and anything else travelers take along for the ride. The bags are trimmed in a number of eye-catching hues, so every member of the family can have their own color, which makes finding what belongs to who, a whole lot easier. It also helps kids feel responsible for their own belongings and fosters a sense of independence. mumi features a line for babies called Piccolo which comes in 4 kid-friendly colors.

mumi’s all new garment folder helps fold dress shirts, pants, dresses and other items like a pro so they arrive at their destination without a wrinkle.

Most of the items come in multiples: shoe bags come in sets of 2, packing bags in sets of 3, packing cubes in sets of 5, with the “packing bundle” the granddaddy of them all, containing 13 different packing items, a little of everything for the seasoned traveler.

Videos on the company’s website https://www.mumidesign.com/ help travelers follow the easy steps to packing perfection.

mumi’s simplicity is helping the company connect with modern, design-oriented families and young entrepreneurs, people with busy lives who seek the comfort of being well organized while discovering the world. Mekler and Moreno say their continued inspiration comes from family. They love being able to help others enjoy simple family time on vacation. And they are always motivated by their own families, an inspiration rooted very close to home.

“We are two Moms who are deeply inspired by our children, and the experience of parenting. Our passion comes from connecting with our customers, and the people who are liking what we do. We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received from our customers, friends, and families,” said Mekler.

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