How To Make Money With Surveys [Affiliate Marketing]

How To Make Money With Surveys [Affiliate Marketing]

Tool I used:

How To Make Money With Surveys [Affiliate Marketing]

I wanted to shoot this video today to share with you a really unique method on how to make money with surveys / quizzes using affiliate marketing (cpa marketing)


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Angad Bedi says:

Hey Paul, thanks for another interesting video. It would be great if you could create a video on free tools we can use to do the website or seo audit along with some prospecting email templates to increase response rate. Appreciate your efforts 🙂

Kimpheng Pon says:

I have subscribed

Seth Brodie says:

Hey Paul I love your information… Do you have any kind of coaching calls available?

James Taylor says:

Great video! Does your FB page itself have to be optimized for this in anyway? Or no because they'll just be linking direct to the quiz?

Mountain Dew says:

Do how to make money without PayPal or credit card

not ur friend gwk says:

Im a sub already thank you so much for your great work

Gopal S says:

Hey will you show how the ad had work.. After three days

Rikas Refai says:

amzing vedio paul, i love ur vedios i have following your steps and i can see potential but im still learning need more experince

Heni Pachka says:

Thanks Paul, I Have Been Looking For This Everywhere! Finally Found It!

Dahlia Sherman says:

i've subscribed

Bondose dot com says:

Good job James

JPViral says:

first haha uk it man

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