How to Create a Blog – Guide 2018

How to Create a Blog – Guide 2018

Every self-respecting blogger needs to have at least 1 post on his blog talking about “how to create a blog”. I will talk about this topic in depth and if you have recently arrived at the site or you are a less initiated user this guide will try to be a complete reference to guide you on the way.

This is an article focused on an audience that does not have a blog, and therefore is a content aimed at dummies.

How to create a blog (in all sectors of blogging)

Today, a blog can be owned by anyone.

It is very easy and if you want, although I do not recommend it, you can have it for free.

During the next lines I’ll explain how to create a blog suitable for all audiences:

  • For those who have no idea.
  • For those Instagramers who want a their own place
  • For those who already know a little about blogs and want to open one.
  • For those who do not want to spend a hard time.
  • For those looking to launch their professional blog in any sector.
  • For those who have online stores or companies and want to enhance their presence.
  • To monetize.

I do not think I’m leaving anyone, so you’re probably in any of these groups. And if not, tell me and we created a special group for you.

So take a piece of paper and a pen, prepare a coffee, because this guide does not read in 2 minutes.

What is a blog

A blog, weblog or blog is a web page where the author periodically publishes articles or posts about a specific topic (thematic or professional blog), or about personal experiences (personal blog).

Although I already tell you that the line that separates a professional blog to a personal one is very thin, and many blogs that have started being simple entertainment for its author, have become pages with a large income that has catapulted his professional career.

The three main characteristics that differentiate a blog from a traditional web page are:

⭐ Periodical publications:

A traditional web page does not increase the contents of the site continuously, it is normal that they have static content and that over time they are modified adapting them to the possible changes that may arise.

On the other hand, a blog continuously updates its contents. Whether with daily, weekly or monthly publication.

They usually include the date of publication so that the reader knows whether it is updated content or not. Although I’m telling you that lately some bloggers are deleting this data for articles with old dates, for google to think that content is evergreen (that does not go out of style), and do not delay it in the search positions for thinking that it is outdated content.

⭐ Personal Character.

Unlike static pages that always speak in the third person and impersonally, blogs have that extra point that gives them the form of expressing their authors.

Knowing how to write to captivate the reader is the most difficult part of having a blog. But it is also what makes a blog stand out from the rest.

Now you can fill a blog with the best images that you can think of or have the best possible design, if you do not connect with the reader your blog goes straight to oblivion.

Also your way of writing can make you earn money and everything. Surely if you follow Dean you just come to mind this article. Which is a very clear example of how words and how to express them can make your audience and your pocket enjoy.

⭐ They admit comments.

One of the tools that have blogs that make them so special is the ease you have to connect with the author thanks to the comments area.

The author of a blog always appreciates that there are comments, it is a way of knowing that its contents are of interest (so you already know, comment here below that if not, D & D will be sad …).

And on the other it is a magnificent way of being able to establish relationships with other bloggers that in the future may be possible collaborations. The networking is essential to make your blog take off.

I also tell you that there are recognized authors who have decided to close the comments section by personal decisions. You can no longer comment on your blog. So the fastest communication channel has been cut.

I understand that when you have a few comments, it does not take you much time to answer them all. But when your blog manages to have a certain reputation, answering these comments can mean good hours a day.

I am of the opinion that the comments are a good tool for loyalty readers, and if the comments are of quality, they help to complement the message of the article. But hey, each one chooses what is best for him.

Why should I have a blog and what is it for?

Very easy, to communicate!

If it is a personal weblog, it is your dissemination platform. It helps you to reach corners of the world that you would not know exist and that they read you over.

You may not do it to get visitors, but only to talk to the world. In that case the blog also helps you improve your way of expression. Take any blog, and read your first and your last article and compare, you’ll see what difference.

On the other hand if what you are looking for is to make a professional blog, your blog ends up becoming your resume. Forget titles and papers, with a blog you can show what you know and what you can do.

It opens the doors of online relationships among other professionals in the sector, collaborations that in the future can give you clients or job opportunities in companies that you had not even noticed but they did.

If you are one of the timid ones in real life, a blog can be a way to start to lose the stage fright and to break barriers that you had formed for fear of not.

Blogs are also increasingly present on the companies sites or online stores.

It is normal for these types of pages to have their own logs. On the one hand they manage to create updated content in which to include more keywords and on the other they make the client-company relationship more personal.

Taking into account one thing, that if you are able to create quality articles, you can viralize those contents and get direct traffic to your sales.

Yes, I warn you, open a blog is easy, get a good blog needs a lot of time and work.

How to make a free blog

Like many other things on the Internet we can make a blog for free or paying.

If your case is to create a professional blog, company or store, skip this point. Because if the purpose of your blog is really to be able to live on it, you should forget about the free theme. It’s cheap now, but in the long run it can get expensive.

However, if what you want is a place to write your adventures, your trips, and do not expect to live on it in the future. It’s a good option. Although I still do not recommend it.


Because the weblog will never be yours. It will be the service that you have used and it will always give you less customization options than if you have your content manager hosted on your own server.
And many of these platforms control the advertising that comes out on the web, so be careful.


It’s free and they’re very easy to use. It is not necessary to have advanced knowledge to be able to launch your blog in less than 2 minutes.
You have many options to create a free blog. Although I’m just going to show you the 3 options that I would highlight in the free nature of blogs: blogger, WordPress and Weebly.

How to create a blog in Blogger Step by Step

How could it be otherwise Google has its own platform to make you a free blog.

If you’ve ever wondered how you only need to have a Google account, if you already have a Gmail email, that’s your Blogger account.

It has a large number of templates so you can implement directly in your blog without having any knowledge of any kind. Of course, if you know something about HTML and CSS you can customize them to be a little different from the thousands of blogs on the platform that will use your same template.

Being a Google product allows you to connect many of your other tools to the blog such as your profile and GooglePlus comments, hangouts, Google Drive, etc.

Another feature of becoming a Blogger is that you can monetize it. Being from Google, it puts all the facilities so that you can implement advertising in it through its AdSense platform.

By the way also lets you create AdWords from the backend of the blog to give more visibility to your blog.

Once you register on the platform, it will ask you for the name of the blog and the url that you want to have assigned. This url will be of the type:

Of course, if you want you can buy your own domain name and then redirect it to this blog to make it more friendly.

How to create a blog in Blogger for free

Once you have chosen the name and domain of your free google blog, you just have to choose a template. You will see that at the beginning it does not give you many templates to choose from, quiet, once inside, you have many more templates at your disposal.

Remember to choose templates that are responsive, that is, that adapt to all types of screen size, but you want Google to penalize you in the search engine positions.

Once inside the menu of your blogspot, the first thing we see is a new entry button to start writing our new article and a very simple menu:

  • Overview. It shows a summary of the activities in our blog, number of visits, pending comments, number of page views, etc.
  • Tickets, is where we will have the list of all the articles that we are publishing on our website.
  • Pages, is another list of static pages that we can add to our website. It differs from the articles in that it will not appear in the chronological list of the posts that are being written on the blog. For example, you can use it for the contact page or your presentation.
  • Comments, from this section you manage the comments of the blog. You can see all the comments, your answers. It notifies you of the comments that you have not answered and of which directly the blogger itself is cataloged as SPAM.
  • Google+ How I told you a bit above one of the features of Blogger is the ease to connect to the social network of
  • Google. That’s why from here you can connect your profile to make your blog more social. You can check from here which article gets more +1, control comments on the network, add mentions. It also makes it easier for you to share your new article in GooglePlus.
  • Statistics It is a reduced version of Google Analytics, it gives you the most basic data of this analysis tool so you can check your evolution
  • Income. I already told you that you can connect to AdSense. From here you can connect it to your adsense account and configure it to start winning, with a little luck, some extra centimillo.
  • Bells. In this section you can control the ad campaigns if you see the need to try to improve the visibility of your blog. Although I tell you one thing, if you are thinking about investing in advertising in a free blog, it is better to think about moving to a professional one, the investment is worth it.
  • Design. This is the personalization part of your blog. From here you can add the favicon to the web (icon that appears in the browser tab next to the name of your website). In addition to being able to control the gadgets or small applications that you can add to your sidebar
  • Template. From this tab of the menu you can change the template you chose at the beginning of the creation of your personal Blogger. I already told you that you did not have many options at the beginning. From here you can check if it fits perfectly to the mobile version and if you know a bit of web programming, you can make small changes to the template.
  • Configuration. It is the last option of the menu. The general configuration of the site. You can modify very basic things like the name or description of the site. Modify the name of the base domain or if you want to use an encryption https. It also allows you to add more editors to the blog.

Have you seen how simple is how to make a blog in Blogger?

Lets go for the next one.


How to create a blog on

For me the best tool to create a free blog. It is very easy and you are also doing with the WordPress manager in case you finish making the professional jump. My 4 blogs have been made with WordPress so you can see how much I like this tool.

Think that WordPress is the most used content manager on the Internet, and if you do not look at this data, 26.3% of all websites use this CMS. And if you look at the websites that use a content manager the percentage increases to 59.2%.

The good thing about it being so popular is the ease you will have later in finding plugins and themes to configure your new blog.

You have to take into account something else, that if after a while you see that your free blog can go more, you can pass it in a very simple way to a paid hosting.

The learning curve of this CMS is a little slower than the previous ones, it is like that, but the features that it has makes it the best free option to create a blog.

If you do not pass to the premium plans, like the previous ones, the name of your blog will rest in the main domain of wordpress:

And as in Blogger and Weebly, if you want to fix that, you have to pay.

Another drawback of having a blog here is that you can not install all the plugins you want, WP has it so you can pay if you need to install any more plugins.

In addition WordPress reserves the right to include ads on your blog at will without prior notice. And as sure that you are thinking if you pay you get to make disappear the announcements.

The first thing that you will ask, unlike the previous ones, is that you choose a template, once you choose it, it will ask for the domain name that you want to assign to your new free blog and then when you choose the free option, it will ask you for the username and the password to create the account.

Once inside you will find a preview of your blog, and a superior menu. In this top menu you have 4 main buttons.

  • My site, when you pass the mouse you will be displayed the side menu where you can modify a lot of parameters to leave the blog to your liking
  • Reader, this tab shows you the blogs that you follow from your WordPress account or recommendations made by the application itself.
  • Number of visits, is a small graphic that shows a graph with the visits of the last days.
  • New entry, you can find it on the right side of the top menu, it’s a quick button to start writing a new entry.
  • Before starting to shed the side menu, I would like to indicate that in the lower right you will find a customization button. This button allows you to customize the template in a visual way.

As you may have guessed, the My Site menu is the one that opens up all the limited possibilities, as I warn you, of personalizing the new free blog.

From this menu you can:

  • Open a new site, if you need another blog from this button you can open a completely new one
    See site, clicking here sends you to see your weblog.
  • WP-Admin, we go to the administration of more features of the blog. It is the “hard” area of ​​the backend of this content manager. It is the closest thing you will find if you decide, with good judgment, to switch to a wordpress in a paid hosting.
  • Statistics, from here you can see a lot of statistics that wp collects for you, visits, page views, number of comments, etc.
  • Plan. As not, a quick button so you can see the payment options that WordPress offers you.
    Comments, from here we will manage the comments that are appearing in our blog. You can approve, respond or check the WP itself has passed to SPAM.
  • Publish, this area of ​​the menu shows us two quick buttons to create a new article or a page depending on what we want to publish.
  • Customize the theme, from this tab you can modify the theme you chose at the beginning in case you were wrong or if you are tired of it.

This is how looks my admin panel of my WordPress:

Once we have seen the ways we have to make a blog for free, we have to move on to the best way to make a good blog. A professional blog that serves as a showcase 2.0.

As you supposed, the best way to do it is by paying.

The first thing we need is a web hosting and the domain name. Do not think that it will cost you dearly, for less than € 100 a year, you can have your own hosting with the domain.

You have many managers available to install in your new hosting, but from my experience, do not mess up and go directly to the installation of a WordPress blog. It is a contrasted CMS, with many customization options and FREE.

I do not need to explain how to install a WordPress from scratch on a server. Any quality web hosting already has by default a little button to do a WordPress self-installation without having to know how to use cPanel or Databases. So we will skip this step.

I will not tell you how to configure the blog completely because I would need another post like this to explain each of the options with its best configuration. I prefer to show it in a video, it will be more entertaining and educational.

What I will do is give you some small tips so that your blog is born well from the beginning.

How to make a professional blog

Well you know how to create a blog, either free or paying. Now it’s time to give you some advice depending on the type of blog you want to open.

I think there are, in general, two types of blog: professionals and the rest. I’ll explain.

With the blogs of “the rest” I refer to the blog that people open to write about their things. They are blogs that people create and do not look for how to get a performance. They are like a hobby for its author. You can talk about him or a subject that he is passionate about, regardless of whether he is read or not. It only seeks to write and express itself. For these any option of the free ones is more than enough.

There are people who differentiate between professional blog, personal and business blog. But think it over, all three seek to be a professional blog, that is, the best blog that can be created in each sector.

Professional means that it has what the user is looking for, that has a reason why and its author seeks to position itself within a market sector in order to obtain a performance, whether selling courses, services, affiliate products or seeking recognition within the niche the one who moves waiting for his chance.

Every action you do on your blog has a reason why. It is all measured and seeks an objective, more visits, more conversions, etc.

A professional blog, can be perfectly a personal blog or a business blog. And if not, how many personal blogs end up selling their own services and courses.

Within professional blogs, I will make two distinctions, personal and company.

I think they are the only types of professional blogs out there, those that have a person behind them, and those that have a company or brand associated with the blog.


11 Basic tips for creating a professional blog in WordPress

I can not do a guide on how to create a blog without giving you some small tips that are necessary to get your blog started on the right foot.

  • Choice of the template. It is very important that you lose a few hours to find a template that meets your goals and that is really good. Whether it is optimized or not, it can be the difference between being in the top positions of Google or not.
  • Define how you want your preferred domain with www or without them. You will find this in general / adjustments. The WordPress address and the site address must match.
  • Configure the URLs of your entries. They have to be friendly. That is, they are of the style. You can configure it in permanent settings / links.
  • Install an antispam plugin. The one I like the most is Akismet. It is also free and very easy to configure, you do not have to do anything 😉
  • Optimize the images you use. If you do not want to treat the images before uploading them to the server, install a plugin that does that for you as smushit or EWWW Image Optimizer, two good and free options. We do not want a heavy blog that takes a long time to load, so we have to make the task as easy as possible so that our website is as light as possible.
  • You can not miss a bit of SEO in this article. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to give you small positioning bases when writing your articles.
  • The same as the images, you have to configure the use of the cache. In a rough way the cache helps to save and manage the files that the blog uses when it is displayed so that in future visits it loads faster. Plugins like WP super cache make this task much easier.
  • SEO in the images. Get used to putting descriptive names to the files of the images you upload to your blog. If the image is of a red car, call the file car-rojo.jpg. And once in your WP fill in the fields of Alt (alternative text) and description. This way you will get help from the positioning of the web, and also to have your images appear in the Google image search engine.
  • Create a subscription list and socialize the blog. You need to create a subscription list from the first day, this way you will get recurring traffic. And on the other hand you must put buttons to share on social networks in the blog so that your readers can share the articles they like most quickly and easily.

How to make a personal blog

To create a memorable personal blog, you must first have your objectives defined, the theme, the audience you want to focus on and what type of blog you want.

Like any other project you need to define some objectives before putting to work. Why? Because this way you can check if you’re on the right track.

You can set targets for monthly visits or followers on the networks in six months, I do not know, whatever you can think of. Evaluate which metric is the one that can best help you achieve your goal. But always put achievable objectives and that serve you something, if you can not fall into the frustration of not getting them and abandon your project.

Another factor that you should keep in mind is the theme. The one who covers a lot of little squeezes say in my town. Even if it is a personal blog, look for a topic in which you feel comfortable and try to generate content around that theme.

If you talk about your trips, always talk about travel issues. And if you want to talk about dogs, go back and talk about how to travel with dogs around the world, for example. Do you get it?

Very well, we already have the theme and the objectives. Now it’s time to define the audience.

You need to know the audience you want to contact. Sometimes we do not think about it but it is another of the most important points when making a professional blog.

The audience is the one that will want or hate us. It is the one that helps us achieve our goals. That is why it is very important to know who you have to go to. It is not the same to talk about trips for students, for parents with children, for singles or for retirees.

The audience will determine the type of blog: serious or carefree, where the content or images stand out, etc.

Determine what type of blog you want. The way you express yourself, the colors used in the blog, the content or the images you use can attract or frighten the reader you want to attract.

The way you express yourself is also very important. In any subject you can find differences. And if you do not look at CocoRebelista’s blog. The personal and uncluttered way she has to tell you things makes her different. You can think, go screwball or, on the contrary, that you love the way you express yourself because they make you close and direct.

That touch is what makes a professional blog personal and vice versa. One thing you have to be very clear, look for the record in which you want to move because it can turn against you.

You have to be sure of what you say and how you say it. Do not force a form of expression in which you do not feel good, because it may end up not liking anyone.

The best thing is to write being yourself and considering who we are targeting.

Now that we know who we are going to and how we are going to address, it is important to know how to make a personal blog.

This question is very easy to answer stay away from the free services. Hire a quality Hosting and a domain. You will not regret.

How to create a business blog

Any company that wants to increase their presence in the network, apart from being in social networks, is committed to becoming a corporate blog where they show their products or services.

Think of one thing, if you have a totally static website, you are not creating new content where you can position keywords, nor do you allow people to share your website.

Creating a business blog is the best way to tell your readers about the benefits of your products or their applications, etc.

It is not about being a monograph of a product, that bores even rats, you have to make quality content that helps solve the customer’s doubts.



Finally I want to give you some tips on some very typical examples of thematic blogs so you can see how you can approach each one when opening a blog.

Think that not everything works for each theme. Each niche has special features that can reinforce the message you want to give.

How to make a fashion blog

We start with fashion blogs. Of these there is a lot on the net.

The first question you have to ask is:

What kind of blog do I want to create? I want one to pass the time or to become a benchmark in the sector and earn some money in the future. If it is the first one I recommend you to create a free blog.

If instead you want to become a future project, either by earning money from affiliates with the sale of Amazon products or because you are a personal shopper and want to show what you’re worth, you need a paid hosting.

Think about it, you have to make an investment of less than € 100 to start your business. Tell me how many companies can start a project with that investment.

Very good, you already have your web hosting. Now it’s time to install your content manager, here you have no other option than WordPress, well yes there are but I do not recommend it.

The next thing is to choose a quality theme. It is not worth any template, dedicate a time to find and find the one that best suits your needs.

You can choose a free template if you want, but I never recommend it. Free templates are used by thousands of people around the world and it is not unreasonable to think that in the end many blogs use the same template.

The key is to stand out. If you can think that the payment is also used by many people, you are right, but the percentage of finding two equal pages decreases.

To the point, look for topics where the photo is the protagonist. The image is the key to this type of blog. Flood your blog of quality photographs.

Everyone has something in common, using quality images. A fashion blog without images is like a soccer game without a ball.

You have to use all the images that you can and that contribute something to the content.

Look at other fashion blogs, you will see that almost all use white backgrounds. The white backgrounds help to rest your eyes and focus on the important areas, the photos.

And the most important of all. Create your own style I’m not asking you to create the new fashion trend. I’m asking you to look for your blog style.

The style of your fashion blog will mark it, the type of photographs and the way of writing on it. You can write carelessly or traditionally, everything depends on the audience you focus on.

To finish, remember to look for social networks to associate your blog with. In a fashion blog you should not neglect social networks, and especially do not leave aside the most visual.

I’m referring to Instagram and Pinterest. The two social networks where what matters is the image.


How to make a photography blog

Another type of blog that I would like to highlight are the thematic photography blogs.

You can not have a photo blog if you do not have quality photos in it. It does not matter if you want a blog to sell your own or third-party producers, or if you want to sell photo services or courses.

The most important in these types of blogs are the photos. In them you show your skill in the matter and that you know what you are talking about.

You should not miss a good gallery of images, so when you look for Premium templates, look for those with this feature. Yes, you can install a gallery later. But I recommend you look for templates with it included because in this way if you are not very experienced in programming it will be better implemented within the general design.

I know I repeat myself a lot, but do not forget to focus your objectives and define your audience. It is one of the most important things you should do, even more than buying a hosting or searching for the perfect template.

When you define these two variables, you will be able to find the most appropriate template. It is not the same a template focused on making reviews of photographic products, that a template aimed at selling services or courses.

I hope I have answered your question about how to create a blog.

As you have been able to verify, creating a blog is a simple task. Making a blog and making money to be able to live on it are great words. Only a few chosen ones get it.

As a last recommendation that I have left if you are thinking about creating your own blog is to write about what you like and what you master.

The more you like a theme and the more you have it by hand, it will be easier for you to write. It will not be hard for you to get in front of a blank page and start typing non-stop.

A person tells you that until recently he was afraid of words. And now they are part of my daily work.

I hope you have arrived with the strength to leave us a comment, after reading the more than 5000 words that this article has.

See you!

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