How to Configure NOIPFRAUD Cloaker with WordPress from Scratch

How to Configure NOIPFRAUD Cloaker with WordPress from Scratch

Download the noIPFraud client from your support panel.

This can be done two different ways

#1) You can login to your server via SSH and use wget to download it right to the public_html document root, and then extract it right there and then. (The fastest/easiest way)

#2) You can download it to your computer and a) upload it via FTP, then extract it using cPanel. -or- b) extract the .zip file and upload it via FTP.

Either way works fine…

TIP: Download link is

Install the NOIP client by visiting, enter the API secret & key, set a user/pass you want for cloaker and press install.

After you are done,  it will redirect you to the main page inside the admin panel of NoIP,  you will have the option to click a big green button named +NAME CAMPAIGN,  do just that to create your first campaign.

It looks like this, just so you know 😉


The new campaign screen can be daunting at first, but don’t worry it’s pretty easy to learn.


Private Title/Campaign Title:    Whatever you want to name the campaign so you know what you are cloaking.   Typically I use the format GEO – VERTICAL – Descriptor

Traffic Source:  This is the traffic source you are going to be running on,   here I selected Facebook since we run most of the ads for B&L on Facebook to target all of you guys that do affiliate marketing with our very personalized ads that only affiliates understand 😉


You can leave this section blank when you are starting out, but what its for is to pass on HTTP headers so you can track for example which ad sent you the click/conversions, which placement, etc etc – dynamic variables and ones defined by you can be set here to forward.

We’re leaving this blank in this guide.


This is the spot you set your money pages,  aka the landers you are cloaking from the traffic source.   You can add multiple LPs and then have the cloaker split traffic among them all.

Here’s a very important FACT, you need to specify the absolute server path to the landing page if you want it to be non-redirect cloaking;


if you give it a full URL (with HTTP/HTTPS in it) it will then redirect the user if they pass cloaker to the landing page on or off site and it will not be non-redirect cloaking.


below this is the ALTERNATE PAGE aka the SAFE ARTICLE URL.     Paste here the link to the safe article, this is the link you will be linking your ads to inside your traffic source.


We don’t need this, so leave as is/do not touch.


Based on which traffic source you select,  NoIPFraud automatically appends the correct filters under the Active Filters section; you don’t have to add anything here just leave it default unless you are advanced and got your own custom filters and IPs you want blocked.  IE your competitor.  J/K

ADDITIONAL RULES – this is where we specify the country we want to cloak.   I personally always ad the target country I’m running camps in, as well as my home country to test the cloaker after launching.   (I will remove my home country after all has been confirmed to work fine).

From the dropdown select country and click the + green box. 
Make sure you select Allow only from the following,  then find the target country and click to add it. Finishing it all by clicking the Create Rule button.

After you are done, it should be populated like this:

Click the Create Campaign button to complete setting up the campaign for cloaking.   After you are done,  the system will take you back to the main screen where you will see this:

We are almost done, we just need to grab TWO things – the apploc path & the campaign ID from the name of the campaign we created. The campaign ID is in brackets – in our case its 9yibzk3p.

Why do we need this?    The NOIP wordpress plugin requires it in the next steps ahead; so to be efficient and not have to go back and forth too much, we save it now in notepad/clipboard.

To grab the APPLOC path, click on this little icon on the right of the campaign name called DEPLOY.

On the next screen that pops up, click on PHP EMBED tab, then look for the textbox which has a bunch of code aka the PHP snippet, you want to copy the APPLOC location:

in my case it’s  /home/bannerslanders-safesite/public_html/george/api/

now we’re ready to go on…


PART #2 – Configuring the NOIP wordpress plugin and the safe article we specified earlier to work with cloaker

  1.  Download the noipfraud wp plugin file from
  2.  Go into your wordpress safe site, and click add new plugin, then browse for the location where you saved the noipfraud wp plugin and upload it.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4.  Next look for the plugin in the left menu bar and click on it.   You will see a text box, this is where you need to paste the APPLOC path then press save changes:

  5. Click on ALL POSTS on the left menu inside wordpress, now search for the safe article that you wish to use on traffic source, click EDIT.   Look for the NoIpFraud Clid on the top right corner.  This is where you need to put in the campaignID we saved earlier.   It was 9yibzk3p

  6.   Copy the safe article URL to clipboard,  go back to the NOIP admin panel, and change the state of the campaign from underreview to allow all.   Paste the link in your browser, and see if the cloaker works.   Next put it back into under review, and visit the URL again.   Everything should be working by now, and congrats, you’ve got WordPress and NoIpFraud Cloaker setup to work with your traffic source!    Make sure to press the play button after you received 10-20 clicks once your ads been approved.    This will put the cloaker live.

    If you’ve added your home country under the countries, you may remove it at this stage.

NOIPFRAUD is a favorite cloaker used by super affiliates,  you need a referral to sign up.     Send me an email to get your referral link. 




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