“How” to Become Self-Employed

“How” to Become Self-Employed

Before you ask how you can become self-employed, there’s a far more important question to ask yourself…



B's Arts and Crafts says:

how to? make a youtube channel lmao.

Clorox Bleach says:

Look at yo forehead bruh

Stephanie Weaver says:

I need a mentor.

ttoyass says:

I'm wondering how to establish self employment, do I have to register my business before I start operating?

PhantomDrawing says:

Great video!👍

Jv LiveSelfEmployed says:

Digital platforms are transforming businesses with more and more people getting associated with the technology industry. It's a perfect marriage between technology and individuals willing to go digital to start their own online businesses and becoming self employed, contrary to a traditional job. Selling on eCommerce digital platforms is one of the best methods to get started with minimal start-up capital, sometimes could be as low as the cost of a full talk of gas.

Nahjhime Kirton says:


leesway says:

I enjoyed this video. Maybe it was the mindset I was in, but I actually came up with some really good ideas about what kind of work I'd be best at that I hadn't considered before

Business Republic says:

This is incredible Corbett. I was asked yesterday asked about when I first started online what challenges I faced and I actually said "I put the cart in front of the horse". So consumed with the idea of making something for and of myself, I forgot to sort out what that something was. Thanks for the humbling reminder of lessons learned. It's appreciated.

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