How a Blog can change your LIFE

How a Blog can change your LIFE

Interesting title right? A few years ago when I started writing my first articles, I did not predict, much less, that this passion for writing on a blog would change my life completely.

5 years ago I only thought about working in a good company and continuing to grow professionally, but now the Blog has opened the doors to a million possibilities that I will not let go.

Just as a blog changed my life, allowed me to turn my passion into my profession and travel the world, I want the same thing to happen to you.

In this article I am going to give you a series of tips so you can get it too …

The first steps in the life of a Blog

They are an authentic torture, because you dedicate many hours and do not see practically results, and this often happens because the most effective actions are not carried out for this stage of the project.

Ask yourself the following, what is your passion? With what objective did you create your Blog? What do you want to achieve with your Blog?

It is very important that we know how to respond to these and many other questions that define our professional profile and how we want people to know us, or in other words, what professional profile we want the audience to associate with us, this is something fundamental, Does anyone have any doubt about the professional profile of Neil Patel? Of course not, because Neil has known very well define it and transmit it to his audience.

Why 95% of the blogs that are created fail

Doing things well always requires time, money, talent, passion, training and a lot of effort, and sometimes some of these elements we do not find in the creation and promotion of a blog, it is important to know what we have to do in each phase of the project, and if we do not know what to do we must hire consultants to tell us what to do or to do it for us, if we skip many of the stages of maturation of a project, the most likely is that this project will not work.

I’ll summarize in 10 words, 10 elements that I consider essential in the creation of a Blog on the Internet;

Talent, Passion, Strategy, Organization, Planning, Work, Effort, Creativity, Training and Persistence.

If you are missing any of these 10 words you will be reducing the chances of your project on the Internet being successful.

What steps would I have to take to make a blog change my life?

# 1 Checklist for the set-up of the Blog

  1. Discover what you have talent and passion.
  2. Form for 1 year in the different disciplines of digital marketing, social media, communication, etc.
  3. Take the Blog seriously.
  4. Hire a professional who creates a good Blog.
  5. Perform an SEO audit.
  6. Define the goals and objectives of your Blog.
  7. Define the user target that you want to attract.
  8. Design the SEO strategy, content strategy, social media strategy, and the rest of the strategies.

# 2 Educate your willpower well

Inside you have something called will that can help you to succeed with a blog or to do the opposite, and be a limitation that never allows you to achieve those goals and objectives.

# 3 Think more outside than inside

Think that what you want is that your Blog becomes the best tool to work your personal brand, so therefore you must be known in the Blogs of your sector that have more visibility on the Internet.

How would I do it, very simple. I would analyze your visitor traffic according to the Similarweb tool, and on the other hand analyze your degree of interaction in social networks such as the extension Riffle, with which we can know the degree of deception of a Blog on Twitter, do not make the error of guide you by users who have hundreds of thousands of followers because it would not be the first I have found an average of 1RT.

When you have the list, what you have to do is check in that blog if you have a space where you can extract the guidelines of guest blogger publications, because this way we will know what the steps are.

A fundamental aspect is to write an email to the blog indicating the interest of publishing an article, indicating your areas of expertise, so that it is the owner of the Blog who decides the theme of the article, this is very important, if you skip this and already you propose a topic to a blogger, it is highly probable that you never receive an answer or that the answer is negative.

# 4 Forget about selling in the short term

I’m not going to cheat you, if you just started with a blog you will not sell in the short or medium term. Make a Blog an effective tool for years of work income, not months or days, but years.

Better focus on realistic goals and goals.

# 5 Increase the audience as the main objective of the Blog

The main objective of the first year of a blog is to grow and build a large enough audience so that we can begin to convert that community into income.

You spend your cartridges ahead of time and better wait until your audience is big enough to launch your first infoproducto.

Instead of launching an infoproduct when you have only 500 subscribers, it expects to have 5,000 subscribers and thus you will get a much higher revenue figure with its launch.

Knowing how to wait has its rewards and you can maximize the impact of launching a course like this.

# 6 Attend online and face-to-face events

Today the number of appointments and events related to marketing are very numerous, so I recommend you take a calendar and mark the events you want to attend each year.

Remember the importance of creating relationships with other professionals in the sector, and that the best way to achieve this is by chatting with them face to face, do not be afraid to talk and chat with any of the speakers at a congress, if you do not, it will be a opportunity that you will have lost.

Also the online events are interesting to chat and make ourselves known, both with the speakers and with other professionals who follow the online event.

# 7 Create a blog editorial calendar

It may seem like a bullshit or a waste of time, but it is not, working in an organized and planned manner is fundamental, and will help us to know in which direction we carry our work why.

Having a calendar will also make it easier for you to propose topics to guest bloggers.

Now tell me, do you have an editorial calendar for your Blog?

# 8 Stop thinking about your CV and think about your Blog and your personal brand

A blog is the best vehicle to work and improve your personal brand, which in my opinion is the clear substitute of curriculum vitae, specifically and spinning thinner would say that the personal brand + networking will be the letter of presentation of any professional.

Investing time in working your personal brand and networking with other professionals is thinking about your FUTURE.

# 9 Maximize Social Networks

Social networks have a lot of potential to attract qualified traffic, being able to capture tens of thousands of visits per month from different social channels.

Very effective strategies:

  • Increase the Twitter feed list.
  • Get readers on Feedly.
  • Get covers in news aggregators.
  • To reach agreements with other professionals to share publications in Social Networks.
  • Create private groups on facebook to increase the reach of a tweet.
  • If you want me to explain these strategies and many more you will have to sign up for my course.

# 10 Increase your subscriber list yes or yes

If you really want to generate income it is essential to increase your list of subscribers, so therefore you have to strategically think what actions and types of posts you are going to start up to attract subscribers to the Blog.

What happens is that if we do not have traffic in our Blog it is difficult to get it, so it is very important that:

 Publish articles in blogs with a lot of traffic and add a link to a lead magnet that we have in our blog.

The best time to launch your blog or improve it was yesterday, a week ago or a year ago. The second best moment is here and now.

You decide if you prefer to keep trying alone or prefer to take you by the hand with proven techniques that I use every day to achieve the visibility you crave.

I would love for you to tell me your experience with the Blog and how it has changed your life since you have it.

Do you think a blog can change your life?

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