Common Sources of Water Damage

Common Sources of Water Damage

It is unquestionable that nothing many homeowners hate more than water damage within their expensive homes. Unfortunately, whether you own a residential or a commercial property, you will have to deal with water damage from time to time. It is, therefore, crucial that you know what to do whether you are facing extreme or minimal water damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may have to call a handyman who can carry out a quick fix to the problem while in the worst-case scenario you may have to call a certified water damage and restoration professional to fix the problem for you. With that in mind, you may be wondering what can cause water damage to always be prepared to handle the problem before it escalates. Here are some common causes of water damage in places like Irvine.

Broken appliances

Every home has appliances that use water, including water heaters, a dishwasher, washing machines, sinks, fridges with ice makers and toilets just to mention a few. If any of your appliances are broken or malfunctions, it can create a total mess within your home causing your kitchen and basement to flood. Fixing broken appliances can be tricky especially if you do not know how to do so. Also, you do not want to get electrocuted trying to dry out water within your house. You, therefore, need to call water damage and restoration professionals who will safely drain out all the water leaving your house as safe and clean as before.

Damaged pipes

Your plumbing system will fail from time to time due to normal circumstances such as corrosion, poor installation as well as old age. The changes in environmental conditions will also make freezing water expand, increasing pressure in the pipes which makes them rupture. If your pipes split, it will lead to a huge mess which can be noted by flooding basements and crawl spaces. In most cases, ruptured pipes can be fixed by your local plumber, but if the damage is extensive, you need to call a certified professional to fix the problem. Occasionally the issue with the plumbing system may require complete re-installation; thus you need to call a professional who has been certified to handle such work-intensive jobs.

Leaking roof

Nothing is more agitating and damaging than a leaking roof. A leaky roof will damage your ceiling and also lead to a growth of molds in your attic. To make the matter worse, if your roof cannot hold off the water it will start leaking into your house, destroying your property. To avoid this kind of trouble call a water damage contractor who will assess the condition of your roof and make the appropriate recommendations. If your roof is not totally damaged the water damage and restoration contractor will dry it out and recommend the appropriate repairs. However, if your roof is extremely damaged beyond repair, you need to have it completely replaced.


If you live in relatively flat areas or near the coast, you might face water damage at some point. Although flooding is not very common and you might have taken the necessary measures to avoid flooding, sometimes nature finds a way to beat us. The most affected parts of the home are usually the basements but never get surprised to find your living room flooding too. If you have a flooding problem call a water damage and restoration company that will help you dry out the water as well as help you remove and replace the damaged parts.

Most individuals call water damage contractors when they have huge and notable problems such as broken pipes and flooding. However, this should not be the case; you should have your property regularly inspected to detect even the potential problems such as a leaking ceiling and growth of molds within your property which can be a huge problem if not detected early.

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