Challenges and Opportunities Facing America’s Schools and Workplaces

Challenges and Opportunities Facing America’s Schools and Workplaces

During his inaugural address President Obama noted, “This generation of Americans has been tested by crises that steeled our resolve and proved our resilience.” Our Nation has always shown its true greatness in the most difficult of circumstances. This certainly defines the last recession and the challenges we continue to face. In our classrooms, one out of four students will drop out of high school before they have earned a diploma. Students and families across the country are being buried under a mountain of college debt that now exceeds a trillion dollars. Meanwhile, confusion and uncertainty surrounding the direction of the Nation’s education system has only been exacerbated by the administration’s convoluted waiver scheme. Those who complete their education are finding a difficult academic climate has been replaced by an even more difficult job market. Roughly 8 million workers have been forced to accept part-time work when what they need is a full-time job. No one questions the ability of the American people to rise above these tough times and work toward a brighter future. The question is whether their elected government can do so as well.



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